What is a cool room food storage?

Cool Room Food Storage: An Overview


Cool room food storage, also known as cold storage, is a type of refrigeration system designed to preserve perishable food items in a controlled temperature environment. A cool room is a designated space, typically within a commercial kitchen, that maintains a temperature between 0 and 5°C. The cool room is used to store a variety of food items, including meat, dairy, and vegetables, to ensure they remain fresh and safe for consumption.

What is a cool room food storage?

The Benefits of Cool Room Food Storage

There are many benefits to using a cool room for food storage. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

Increased Shelf Life

The controlled temperature environment of a cool room can significantly increase the shelf life of perishable food items. This is because low temperatures slow down the growth of bacteria, which is the main cause of spoilage. By storing food in a cool room, restaurants and food service providers can reduce food waste and save money.

Improved Food Safety

Food safety is a top priority for any food service provider. By storing food in a cool room, they can ensure that the temperature remains consistent and within the safe range, reducing the risk of foodborne illness. This is especially important for raw meat and poultry, which can harbor harmful bacteria if not stored at the correct temperature.

More Efficient Use of Space

A cool room allows for more efficient use of space in a commercial kitchen. Instead of storing perishable items in individual refrigerators, food service providers can store everything in one central location. This can free up valuable floor space and make it easier to keep track of inventory.

cool room food storage

Types of Cool Room Storage

There are several types of cool room storage systems available, including:

Walk-In Cool Rooms

A walk-in cool room is a large refrigerated room that can be entered by a person. These are typically used in commercial kitchens and restaurants to store large quantities of food items.

Reach-In Cool Rooms

Reach-in cool rooms are smaller refrigerated units that can be accessed from the outside. These are commonly used in retail stores and supermarkets to display perishable food items such as dairy products and meat.

Blast Chillers

A blast chiller is a type of cool room that rapidly chills food items to a safe temperature. This is typically used in commercial kitchens to chill cooked food quickly, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Maintaining a Cool Room

Proper maintenance of a cool room is essential to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. Here are some tips for maintaining a cool room:

Regular Cleaning

The cool room should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria and mold. This includes cleaning the floors, walls, and shelving units with an appropriate disinfectant.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is crucial to ensure that the cool room is maintaining the correct temperature range. Food service providers should invest in a reliable temperature monitoring system and check the temperature regularly.

Regular Maintenance

The cool room should be inspected regularly by a qualified technician to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently. This includes checking the door seals, refrigeration system, and insulation.


Cool room food storage is an essential component of any commercial kitchen or food service operation. By providing a controlled temperature environment, food service providers can increase the shelf life of perishable items, improve food safety, and use space more efficiently. With proper maintenance and care, a cool room can provide years of reliable service and help ensure that the food served to customers is fresh, safe, and delicious. Whether you run a restaurant, supermarket, or catering business, investing in a quality cool room is a smart choice that can pay dividends for years to come. By following the tips outlined in this article and working with a qualified technician to maintain your cool room, you can keep your perishable food items fresh and safe, and your customers happy and satisfied. For cold storage facilities see here.

What is a cool room food storage?

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