Insulated Doors, Windows & Curtains


Commercial & General Coolrooms’ doors and support frames are manufactured to give structural stability and a lifespan requiring very little maintenance. We still have many happy clients using doors which were installed pre-1980.

Constructed with heavy duty aluminium structural channel. Gaskets are of a silicone rubber compound. All wheels are case hardened for a long life. All doors are supported on free standing structural support frames, using only hot-dipped galvanised steel to ensure a long life against corrosion.

The range of insulated doors we supply (at any size) is as follows:

  • Sliding Type Door (Electric or Manual)
  • Bi-Part Sliding Doors (Electric or Manual)
  • Hinged Doors
  • Bi-Parting Hinged Doors
  • Vertical Lift Doors (Counter Balanced – Electric or Manual)
  • Defrost Doors (Vertical or Horizontal Slide, in either Single or Dual, Electric or Manual)
  • Sectional Lift Doors (Electric or Manual)

We also supply and install Food Grade, UV Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Polycarbonate Windows in any size or shape, in any wall or door, to suit your needs!

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Insulated Doors, Windows & Curtains