Tretight Inflatable Dock Seals


The World Renowned Tretight Inflatable Dock Seals are far superior to others.

Tretight Inflatable Dock Seals are designed so that the expanded movement of the seals, and the construction itself, enables the seals to handle trucks of all sizes. It is also possible to combine cushions from different modes of Tretight seals. Tretight Inflatable Dock Seals can be used in a large number of applications.

This is the Tretight Systems greatest strength – it’s ability to highly effectively reduce air loss on a variety of different applications.


We use a 3-phase fan, giving maximum power, this ensures the seals push against the perimeter of the truck. Side seals and head seals meet perfectly to fully enclose and seal the truck, giving maximum energy saving.

The fan operates throughout loading/unloading with inflation and deflation, taking approximately 40 seconds respectively. Note: “We use ambient air to inflate bags, not refrigerated air.”

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Dock seals model number 1100S, 800 and 1700S – supplied by Commercial & General Coolrooms and fixed in accordance with their installation instructions.

Tretight Inflatable Dock Seals